Friday, April 14, 2017

Raquel Ruano, Massachusetts Best (Worst Marketing) Attorney

This crap is still going on. Lawyers hiring marketers, not paying attention to the unethical and cheesy ways they try to game Google for their lawyer-clients, and I'm done reaching out to these idiot lawyers to ask them to ask their marketers to stop. "Oh gee Brian, I didn't know they do that." 

No, you didn't care, "Get me on the first page of Google" is where your ethics end.

So, as often occurs, comments pop up on old blog posts of mine, and they look like this: 

Amanda Ruano commented on your blog post

Superb post, You made me remember that day when I was caught in police misconduct and cops arrested me but thanks to my friend she referred me and attorney was so experienced that she

I didn't cut off the comment, that's how it appears.

Amanda, who I guess is a relative of Ruano, isn't really Amanda, she's the fake name for a cheeseball marketer . Why, because gaming Google. 

So, as usual, I went to check out the latest silly lawyer with their silly marketing skillz, and went to

Low and behold, I hit the jackpot. Amanda's shitty marketing doesn't end with her Google gaming paid marketer.

Let's begin with this:

Amanda Ruano? Really? This attorney's relative is her best testimonial? Does this lawyer want people to know she's representing her family members in legal trouble? 


She is Massachusetts BEST ATTORNEY.

Has she been practicing 30, 40, 50 years?

Attorney Raquel D. Ruano primarily focuses her practice on criminal defense and related civil litigation in state and federal courts. She is an experienced litigator with extensive courtroom experience.
After graduating of the College of the Holy Cross (BA, Cum Laude 2000) and Boston College Law Law School (JD, 2003), she became a Massachusetts Trial Court judicial law clerk for one year following graduation.
So Raquel has earned this distinction by building a practice and taking on some of Massachusetts most important cases?
Bite your tongue.
Raquel then became "Assistant Corporation Counsel for the City of Boston in the Litigation Department.  There she handled various civil cases ranging from personal injury to civil rights violations (ex: cases involving excessive force by police).  After 2012, she continued her civil practice as the First Assistant City Attorney for the City of Lawrence.  In addition, at the City of Lawrence, she briefed appeals in the Massachusetts Court of Appeals and United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit."
So Raquel has been Massachusetts BEST ATTORNEY after being in private practice for.... maybe 5 years?
Question: Why does Massachusetts BEST ATTORNEY need to hire a marketer to leave spam comments on my little blog out of Miami?

Maybe since my blog is so attractive to Raquel's practice, Google will pick up on this post to help market her as the BEST ATTORNEY IN MASSACHUSETTS.
Located in Miami and Tallahassee, Florida, Brian Tannebaum defends lawyers before the Bar when he's not defending those charged with criminal offenses in state and federal court. He is the author of The Practice: Brutal Truths About Lawyers And Lawyering. Share/Save/Bookmark


Jonathan Blecher said...

Many more like her. I get at least 2-3 bogus posts on my blog a month from Texas lawyers and now bail bondsman. All my comments are moderated so they never make it live.

Windypundit said...

"Maybe since my blog is so attractive to Raquel's practice, Google will pick up on this post..."

Oh hell yeah. This page is the number five result in a Google search for "attorney raquel ruano" and number four for just "raquel ruano".

That trick never gets old.